TV.StageforKids is being integrated into Stage for Kids Academy Online - Launching 15th Dec 2021

TV.StageforKids is a channel for children & their families, and educators attending our various programs in South East Asia, including;
* Enrichment Programs in Preschools (South East Asia),
* The Class for Heroes Program (Children’s Charities, South East Asia),
* Workshops & Camps for Primary Schools & Preschools (South East Asia).

We invite you to explore our expansive network of programs, platforms, products and services available to everyone; child and adult. The links are at the bottom.

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The Stage for Kids Global Network

Stage for Kids Global (SFKG) is the mothership of a network that strives to educate, inspire and cultivate the young in skills, knowledge, and character development. Based in Singapore, Stage for Kids Global is led by Emil Ant, Founder and CEO. For nearly two decades, Stage for Kids Global runs programs, camps and workshops for children in South East Asia. For more information, you may visit or contact SFKG at

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Shop.StageforKids is the official online store for Stage for Kids Global; offering tools and materials to help children develop into exceptional, modern individuals. Explore our products at, or contact us at

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Inspiration for Kids International is a new entry to the diverisification and expansion of Stage for Kids Global. Launched in 2022, Inspiration for Kids serves to directly connect with young children (ages up to 12 years old) through an online inspirational channel and in running camps and workshops in schools and children-based charities on the subject of inspiration, motivation and character-development. Inspiration for Kids is a registered entity in Singapore, led by Teacher Emil. To explore Inspiration for Kids, visit, or contact

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Stage for Kids Academy is an online enrichment program. The Dramatic Speech, Theatrics & Character Development Program is a drama, creative & self-development program for children ages 7 years old and below.  This program is a rich blend of drama activities, creative storytelling & language learning, games and role-play, movement, song and dance, puppet play, social projects and more. Little dramatics and trainers pace through different curriculum modules scattered throughout the Learning Stations in every classroom.

We work on imagination, creative expression in movement, words and sounds, dramatization & role-play to work on confidence, courage, and instill/inculcate soft skills, values & character traits.

Subscribe to Stage for Kids Academy on Youtube (Stage for Kids Academy) – on Facebook (Stage for Kids) – on TikTok (@stageforkids). is a learning platform offering online courses to adults. Available courses focus on teaching, creative, drama and character-development skills; enhacing and supporting educators, teaching support and even parents in their quest to cultivating and raising exceptional leaders of tomorrow.

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ClassLah! ( is an online course platform available to the general public; focusing on affordable courses that cost between 99 cents up to $59.99 only. You are welcome to create and offer courses in Classhlah!

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Stage for Kids Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast & Amazon Music. For more podcast details, visit

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